Welcome to the labibi demo site!

Labibi is a base package to use for documentation and Web sites for other projects of mine.

For now, I’ve made it fairly easy to post sites to ReadTheDocs that enable Google Analytics, Disqus commenting, and easy source file editing. You can check it out at the labibi demo site.

This is directly based off of Mikko Ohtamaa’s excellent work on the Plone documentation.

A brief HOWTO do this for your own ReadTheDocs site:

  1. Get started with ReadTheDocs.
  2. Create a _static/ directory and put labibi.css and labibi.js in it.
  3. Put “html_style = ‘labibi.css’” in your conf.py
  4. Create a _templates/ directory and put page.html in there.
  5. Edit ‘page.html’ to set your google analytics, disqus, and github info.

For now, you can’t disable the editing functionality, but if you delete the google_analytics and disqus_shortname it should disable that functionality on your site.

The labibi source code is here for your checking-out pleasure.

I’ve put up a short blog post here.


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